A podcast...

I absolutely loved blogging.  A few years back, when the inter webs were being taken over by bloggers; I was one of them.  I adored the candid sharing of lives, connecting with like minded folk the world over - like a grown up version of pen-pals.  

So naturally I gravitated to podcasts for its similar thread of candid sharing and connection.  I have dived straight in with the first episode and spoke of the very real topic of mental health - with an edge of sarcasm that speaks volumes of my own struggle... and my dry humour.  

Please listen, share with your friends, colleagues, loved ones and lets openly discuss this topic, uplift & support one another.

Oh and PS... I do drop the F Bomb a couple times as you'll see from the tittle.  So earphones in if the littles are about! {WINK}


- Namaste -



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