This time last year I was living in my van and time meant nothing. I spent my days exploring the far South Coast, writing, creating workshops and teacher trainings, documenting every sunset and sunrise, making hand made cards and sending them to strangers on instagram.

Owning a studio was the last thing on my mind. In fact it was firmly in the list of ‘things I would never do’. I was set up for the next few years of exciting nomadic living, teaching the odd workshop or teaching training, maybe jetting off to India now and then. No responsibility. No financial ties. Total freedom.

I can’t really tell you how things changed, but somewhere along the way I realised I wanted a home. I actually wanted to stay in one place. This place were everything meets. Nestled amongst the deserted coastline with direct access to forest, mountains and ocean. In this sleepy little town where ‘bad traffic’ consists of more than 15 cars on the road at once. Where people have time to talk to you, and are genuinely interested in your life.

Batemans Bay still feels like a secret. No micro-brewerys, no cocktail bars, no hipster cafes. Only 2 yoga studios! The only thing open past 8pm is the McDonalds and service stations in the ugly concrete centre of town - a stark contrast to the outstanding natural beauty a few metres away. Maybe they made it so ugly to keep it a secret? There’s something so appealing about the broken down town centre so I’m enjoying it now as I know things will change as everything does. With change comes new opportunities and challenges.

So now my days look very different. Inside the studios from 5.30am - 7.00pm most days, lying on the floor, furiously tapping away on a screen between classes. Juggling an ever expanding list of tasks from cleaning toilets to strategic marketing, arranging bush walks, creating business plans to writing blog posts - the illusion of time always moving a little too fast.

At the same time I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I actually LOVE every chaotic, frantic moment. And of course that’s just one side. There is so much peace, so much love within these walls. Every time a student opens up to me my heart explodes with pure joy. I feel electricity coursing through my body in each moment. I know I’m right where I need to be.

There are things that flow and things that get stuck in the mud. I make mistakes. I forget appointments. I submit posts with typos. I have trouble setting boundaries. I’m also doing my best at any given time and I have an incredible amount of support from my friends, family and people I’ve just met all around me.

Thank you to everyone for welcoming me with open arms. For trusting me to share these practices of yoga that set my soul on fire. I’m so grateful for this wonderful life. I love you.