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Beginners Yoga Workshop at The Yoga Room

Are you new to yoga? Not sure where to start? Want to come to class but feel nervous or overwhelmed? This is the workshop for you!

Join Kerryelle Bucknell for a 2 hour immersion into the healing practices of yoga in safe, supportive and intimate environment at The Yoga Room, 1/3 North St.

Bookings required - $40 via Mind Body Online
This workshop has been designed for those who are new to yoga and are looking for an introduction to the practice in a safe and supportive environment. You will learn how to safely practice yoga postures with a wide range of modifications to suit everyone., regardless of age, flexibility, strength or body type.
We will explore breathing and meditation techniques that can be used during the practice and during every day life. Learn how to take the practices of yoga out of the studio and into your life, learn how to live yoga each day to cultivate a deeper sense of contentment and acceptance to all that is. 

You will learn:

  • Foundation poses

  • How to use yoga props

  • Safe alignment principles

  • Breathing techniques (pranayama)

  • Meditation

  • Yoga philosophy (the 8 Limbs of yoga)

  • Establishing a regular home practice

This workshop will give you all the tools needed to commence on your yoga journey. A regular yoga practice improves core strength, flexibility, muscle tone and body awareness whilst calming the mind through the use of breath. Take the first step on your pathway towards increased health, vitality and happiness!

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