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Dancing Freedom (Ecstatic Dance)

Dancing Freedom is the embodiment of our souls; the somatic exploration that delves into the ecstatic realms of our spirit. It is a facilitated conscious movement practice that is the catalyst to bringing you back into your body. 

Transformative, deep and healing. It can inspire your joy to explode throughout your body and bring forth the nature of your inner self. Within your dance, you find your freedom.

This night will be a powerful and magical night. Between the Summer Solstice and the full moon, it is the perfect evening for new beginnings. I invite you all to come along, bring your positive intentions for your new year, your personal journey and your connections to others and your community. I welcome the beginning of a brand new community around DANCE! 


The theme of the night will be "BEGINNING". It is a facet of life with which we are all familiar. We are in a constant state of flux; beginnings and endings, through a continuous process of change. A stream of thresholds we pass between. They can be a source of great excitement, great pain and sometimes fear. 

Time ensures we are thrust into this existential constant. A developing adventure into the essence of our Earth. As that famous Chinese proverb states: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Let's allow our dance to be a single soothing step towards our goals and dreams. 


There are a few requests/guidelines:

* Be considerate to others. As this is a movement practice, it would be positive to maintain awareness of those around you, especially if you're moving through the space.

* We will be inviting in the sacred through ceremony, so I ask that we remove shoes before entering the space and save conversations for after we dance; there will be time for verbal/social connection over tea and sweets.

* There is one BIG and primary rule in the Dancing Freedom practice, and that is you cannot do it wrong. You move how your body needs to be expressed; there are no prescribed movements or expectations. You do you! 

* Touch is sacred. Respect and consent are essential. 
* Sound is welcome; use it wisely. 

The Dancing Freedom journey is intended to be a safe space for everybody to be themselves, move their body and express their spirits freely. If the practice sounds like it might resonate with you, you're welcome to come to join us.

Tickets - $25 (cash on door)

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