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Kriya (Cleansing) Yoga Workshop

Kriya Yoga is a purification practise. This workshop is inspired by my beloved teacher Lyonne Sundari who put together few techniques for a maximum benefit of purifying our nervous system in order to be able to sustain the higher frequency. Meaning, by purifying the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) which is densely concentrated with abundant consciousness, you are able to feel light and clear at all times.

PART I - Kriya Pranayama. Pranayama teaches the “proper” way to breath. Focus on getting the glowing awareness of main three Nadis, seven Chakras and Nervous System, opening them for the free flow of Prana (Life Force). - Surya Namaskara - Salutations to the Sun. The application of this form and rhythm to the body-mind complex generates the transforming force which produces a fuller and more dynamic life. - The Five Tibetan Rites: The Fountain of Youth, Rejuvenation, and Longevity. These rites activate and stimulate the seven key chakras that in turn stimulate all the glands of the endocrine system. This means that the Five Rites will affect the functioning of your organs and systems, including the physical and energetic systems and that includes the ageing process.

PART II - Microcosmic Orbit Activation.It is also known as ’circulation of light’ and involves deep breathing exercises, as well as meditation and concentration techniques, and has a fantastic effect on the entire energy system. Activated Microcosmic Orbit purifies sexual energy. It is also a wonderful centring practise. Works with yin and yang energies.

about Renata

Renata is a Yoga and Energy work Teacher, Intuitive healer and Goddess Essence practitioner, guiding women into inner love and empowerment. She dedicated herself to walk the path of love and presence, awakening to tr uth through self-inquir y and discovery. Renata is deeply grateful for her teachers (New Humanity School) guiding her into presence consciousness and inspiring to explore and shine her divine soul’s purpose. May All Beings Be Happy and Free. Blessings, Renata

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