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Shadow Integration Workshop with Clare Lovelace

Learn how to unlock your fullest potential and receive boundless enthusiasm & energy with shadow integration. Led by Clare Lovelace.

Do you have patterns in your life that seem to be stuck in a never ending loop?

Do you feel you are not manifesting your fullest potential? Are you feeling the call?

Shadow refers to an unconscious part of our self that we are not sending love or attention to. We are either consciously or unconsciously suppressing certain aspects of ourselves which causes disconnection.

When we acknowledge and honor the shadow, it has a chance to manifest the potential that it holds.

The shadow is all of the parts of ourselves we are unwilling to love. The parts we deny, lie about, suppress or repress.

There is a ‘dark shadow’ and a ‘golden shadow’. The dark shadow isn’t bad, its simply un-integrated or un-illuminated. What we resist persists and if we keep denying our shadow it will keep showing up in our lives in destructive ways until we give it love and accept it.

Our golden shadow is our brilliance, our creativity, our unique gifts which can be equally if not more scary than our dark shadow. When we integrate both dark and golden shadows we can live with love, authenticity and freedom. We stop wasting precious time and energy trying to hide parts of ourselves.

What are the benefits of shadow integration?

Become a more helpful human being
Free up a great deal of energy being used to hide, repress or suppress the shadow
Unlock your inner gold
Step out of shame and into authenticity
Expand your personal and spiritual growth
Decode the shadow in your dreams
Have more energy, more creativity, more spiritual growth and radical authenticity.

What this workshop includes:

Journalling and deep self-inquiry
Practices to recognise and send love to our shadow self, both dark & golden
Meditation & movement practices
Loving kindness practices
Take-home toolkit to continue practice

No previous experienced required, simply a willingness to look within in a kind, honest and compassionate way.

To find out more contact Clare or call 0447617619.

Places are limited for an intimate group - bookings essential.

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