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Dancing Freedom - Ecstatic Dance

Dancing Freedom is a marvellous movement modality; a facilitated journey through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. When we delve deeply into dance, we allow our inner selves to open and invite the rise of our golden truths.

We can explore this emotional environment and expand, which through movement may emancipate us from the general rigidity that can develop within the current socio-cultural paradigm when we give ourselves permission to go deep.

We will be weaving our way on the wave of the waning moon from earlier in the week. I can’t wait to come together once more and continue to build this conscious dance community in Batemans Bay!


The theme of this dance will be “A Journey of Dreams”.

We are all very familiar with dreams. Dreaming in the night. Dreaming in the day. Dreams of the future and of possibilities. This is our way of processing knowledge and imagining brighter tomorrows; through our dreams, we can find hope and inspiration. Dreams are what we aim for, where we point our life path and live out our passions.

What are your dreams? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to be? What do you want to be doing? Let’s unravel these questions through our dance.


There are a few guidelines:

* Be considerate of others. As this is a movement practice, it would be positive to maintain awareness of those around you, especially if you're moving through the space.

* We will be creating sacred space through ceremony, so I ask that we remove shoes before entering the dance floor.

* It is a non-conversational space during the session, Forgoing conversation during the practice allows us all to focus and dive deeper. There will be the opportunity for interaction after we dance with special yummy treats.

* This is an alcohol and drug free event

* There is one BIG and primary rule in the Dancing Freedom practice, and that is you cannot do it wrong. You move how your body needs to be move; there are no prescribed movements or expectations. You do you!

* Touch is sacred. Respect and consent are essential.
* Sound is welcome; use it wisely.

The Dancing Freedom journey is intended to be a safe space for everybody to be themselves, move their body and express their spirits freely. If the practice sounds like it might resonate with you, you're welcome to come to join us.

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