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Grounding Experience with Lucy Litchtenstein

Hosted by Lucy Lichtenstein from

Tickets $45 - bookings required via EventBrite or contact Clare 0447617619

Restore. Reconnect. Remember who you are.

Is your busy life stressing you out? Do you find it hard to slow down, create space and take time out for yourself? Could you do with some peace and stillness? Is it time to reconnect with you?

Life can be busy, stressful and crazy! Many of us find it challenging to stop, be still and calm down. Living on-the-go with an endless to-do list and responsibilities, makes it incredibly important to take time to restore, reconnect and relax.

In this grounding experience, a safe, nurturing container will be created for you to slow down, calm the mind and body, to reconnect with and remember that peaceful place within yourself, allowing you to simply, “just be.” 

Together we will explore the following practices:

Yin Yoga
Sound Healing – Native American Flute, Crystal Bowl, Kalimba, and more.
Reiki and hands on assisting (optional)
Intention – What is your intention for this experience?
Sharing about your experience (optional)

This experience will leave you feeling calm, light, peaceful, grounded and ready to meet life! 


Yin yoga is a slow, floor-based style of yoga, where each pose is held for longer periods of time, usually from 3-5 minutes.

Yin is designed to penetrate the connective tissues as well as enliven the flow of energy throughout the body, affecting each of the meridian channels. Yin is highly beneficial for organ health as well as overall health. It is a great practice for becoming more present, mindful and knowing yourself.

No prior experience is necessary. Lucy will guide you through Yin, breath and meditation.


Sound healing has been used for many thousands of years as a traditional form of healing. More recently it has become an alternative medicine for stress, sleep disorders and anxiety. 

Through using Native American Flute, crystal bowl, Kalimba and more, the attendees are guided into a deep meditative state and the vibrations of sound resonate with different parts of the body, clearing and shifting any emotional blockages that may be present. 

This is an amazing healing experience.


Lucy connects deeply and plays the Native American Flute, which will leave you feeling calm, grounded and peaceful.

Lucy: "The more I walk down this path of reconnecting, the more fascinated I become by sound, vibration and music. This has led me to learning and playing the Native American Flute in my classes, workshops, women’s circles and my Reconnected Grounding Experience.

When I play, I feel calm, grounded, and peaceful. The sound resonates in my body and takes me to a beautiful meditative place. Many of my students have shared similar experiences when I play for them.

I am deeply inspired by Native American cultures and this soulful, healing instrument. Each time I play the flute it feels like a remembering of the sounds of our ancestors. The vibration transports me to the sounds and sensations of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, a place I keep close to my heart.

I spent 3 weeks in the Amazon where I experienced deep healing and growth. This incredibly enhanced my flute playing and connection to myself, others, the Earth, music, my purpose… to it all… I want to share these experiences through sound to facilitate healing for others."



Lucy is a women’s circle facilitator, yoga teacher (and student), holder of space and wellness writer. Her higher purpose is to remember who she is, to be of service, to inspire and walk alongside others on this journey of remembering, through example, inquiry, experience, forgetting, sharing realisation, empowerment and love.

Lucy believes in spreading love, health, kindness and inspiration and loves all things connection, community and bringing people together.