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DoTERRA essential oil Workshop

Tickets $50 - bookings via EventBrite

Have you been dreaming about deepening your understanding of essential oils? If the answer is yes, please join us at Soul Tribe for Saturday morning of Easter long weekend to spend some time engaged with our new line of DoTERRA oils! Weather you are a total newb or secretly a herbal witch, we would love your presence to enrich the weekend. We will be using this opportunity to get to know others in the community who also value natural health remedies, encourage the decrease of single use plastics, and refresh ourselves with fun uplifting aromatic conversations.

We will be mastering how to make our own:

1) Lip balm

2) Deodorant

3) Toothpaste


4) Air freshener

How good?!

We a delighted to be offering discounted starter packs, unique opportunity to enroll for wholesale access, and complimentary FREE samples!

Plus you'll walk a way with a bag fully of goodies and a whole new bathroom routine!

We are very excited to have an oil sharing workshop happening in at Soultribe and we hope to see your beautiful smile in a full room of enthusiastic oil fans.


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