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Yin & Mindfulness Teacher Training with Clare Lovelace

Yin & Mindfulness 50 Hour Teacher Training with Clare Lovelace

Earlybird rate $800 until 1st March 2019 - tickets via EventBrite

I am so excited to share with you this 50 hour Yin & Mindfulness teacher training at Soul Tribe Studio, a beautiful light filled studio nestled between the beautiful beaches of the Batemans Bay area, South Coast NSW.

Is this training for me?

Yes if you have completed 200 hour yoga teacher training or higher and you are interested in teaching Yin Yoga and furthering your education.

Yes if you are not a yoga teacher but have a solid grounding in the practice of Yin Yoga (over 1 years consistent practice) and would like to deepen your understanding.

What is Yin?

Yin Yoga is a quiet, receptive practice designed to bring fluidity and flexibility to the physical body, a sense of calm, kindness and resilience to the mental and emotional body and increased awareness and health for the energetic body.

This 5 day immersion and training is designed for anyone who is looking to deepen their general knowledge of Yin Yoga as well as those looking to specialise in teaching Yin Yoga as a one on one experience or in the class setting.

This training blends practical, experiential exercises with anatomy, philosophy, Chinese Medicine theory and Buddhist theory to provide you with the deepest understanding of both how to practice and guide students through this transformational practice.

Course Practice

This 50 hour training can be used to registered with Yoga Alliance International, you will receive a certificate that will count towards continued education credits with Yoga Alliance.

Clare’s teachings are framed around Purpose, Method and Result. Each teaching will be framed around this.

Clare believes students learn by 1. hearing the teachings 2. practising the teachings 3. embodying the teachings.

Each day you will have equal amounts of 1. hearing the teachings (via a more traditional lecture style learning environment), 2. practising the teachings (time for quiet, reflective meditation and yin practice for you to integrate the work and put yourselves in your students bodies/minds) 3. embodying the teachings – practical teaching time to allow the learning to integrate in a tangible way. All teachings will have benefits on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and interpersonal level and this will be explored each time.

About Clare

Clare, originally from the UK has been living, teaching and running Yin Yoga Trainings in Sydney for the the last three years. Trained by Sarah Powers, she has also trained extensively with Jasmine Tarkeshi and Shiva Rae. Clare is registered at the ERYT350 and RYT500 hour level with Yoga Alliance.

“I believe that yoga does not just take place on the mat but intertwines with every element of our lives. Through my practice I have understood that happiness is not based on external conditions and can be achieved by living simply and mindfully with generosity and compassion. This is a philosophy I want to share with the world.

Yin Yoga is an incredibly powerful practice. I have seen huge shifts within myself and my students on a very deep level. One of the most powerful teachings within Yin Yoga is learning how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. During the long held, passive postures we learn how to look within, with compassion and acceptance at all parts of ourselves, both the shadow and the light. This takes huge patience, strength and courage and by practising regularly we become very kind, compassionate, patient and resilient. The practice of yin yoga begins in stillness on the mat. We start by going inwards. When we become adept at viewing ourselves in this kind and objective way we start to realise the interconnectedness of all humans and all life on earth as well as our interconnectedness to the planet itself. When we see struggle and suffering within ourselves we become tolerant of others because we understand the human condition. The more able and willing we are to make peace within, the more able and willing we are to spread peace outside of ourselves. Yin yoga is the silent revolution that will change the world.”

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