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Yoga for Surfers with Ben Mackinnon

Yoga for Surfers with Ben Mackinnon

Tickets $40 - via Eventbrite

How to use yoga exercises to boost your ability to catch waves! How to limit stiffness and injury in the body.

Calling all surfers and water babies!

Feeling as stiff as your surfboard?

Struggling to get to your feet like you used to?

Back and shoulders aching for days after a long surf?

Then this 2 hr workshop is for you!

We will cover:
Pre surf yoga to improve performance and limit injury.
Post surf yoga to speed recovery time and lengthen tight muscles.
How to use Yin yoga poses to release long standing tension from overuse patterns of movement.

Integrate the practice of yoga in your daily life and experience a huge transformation in your surfing abilities! You heard it here first :)

About Ben

Ben has been involved in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for over 20 years with a strong influence from Tibetan Buddhism.

He has worked a personal trainer and massage therapist along with being a Registered Nursing in Mental Health.

Ben has a love of all things inversion along with a deep desire to make meditation and dream practises accessible to all walks of life, all ages and all schedules. He runs workshops running from inversions to dream yoga to meditation to pranayama and sound healing along with asana classes focussed on functional movement. If he's not teaching he will be found surfing or travelling the world.