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Heal the Womb

Earlybird until 25th April $55

Full price $65 bookings via EventBrite

The womb is such a powerful center of energy in women and carries with it so much wisdom, grace and secrecy.

In the womb we store our creativity, our needs to express and birth our ideas. It is the seat of our intuition. All things divine, sacred and spiritual, are here.

During this 2.5 hr ceremony I will take you on a journey into this sacred place through dance, breathwork, sound and working with archetypes. We will uncover parts of yourself that you might have forgotten over time and get to know yourself on a much deeper level by exploring the many faces of the feminine.

There will be an 1-hour-long connected breath journey lying down. You will be guided into an expanded state of consciousness using deep connected circular breaths. In this state we often open ourselves to receiving profound guidance and clarity. I offer a space where it is possible to let go of control, free old repressed emotions by accessing altered states of consciousness for healing, expansion and exploration. 

This is a journey home to yourself, to witness yourself as your own master.


Breathwork has massive health benefits like stress reduction, mental clarity, emotional well-being, detoxification, increased creativity, libido and energy not to mention spiritual expansion.

Breathwork and womb healing have had a profound influence on my life as I was able to connect to my true essence, experience expanded visions of what is possible and allowed me to deeply heal and connect to my body.

This is a very unique experience that will only be offered once. 

Open yourself up to the ancient wisdom that is stored in our most sacred place and step into your power through the breath

Investment: Early bird exchange $55 if booked before the 25th April

Exchange after the 25th - $65

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About Me:

Womb Healing began for Renee when she discovered she had a large fibroid growing in her body. When it was discovered it forced her to make changes in her life path. It was this blessing that was in fact the catalyst for change in her life by discovering the power of the womb and all its secrets.

Renee has dedicated her life to growth and healing. She believes our minds and bodies are constantly communicating with us through dreams, symbols, emotions and illnesses as to what we need to change to become the best version of our self. 

Renee is a qualified 200hr Yoga Teacher. She is a Human Design and Gene Keys Coach, Reiki Master and Breath of Bliss Facilitator.

She has become an advocate for Women’s Health and Wellness facilitating, managing and organizing over 100 retreats for Women. She strives to be a catalyst for change in people’s lives & to shine a light so bright that they see the light in themselves