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Shiatsu Massage Workshop

Shiatsu Massage Workshop with Matt & Monica from South Coast Massage - Tickets $45 bookings via Eventbrite

Shiatsu is a Japanese style massage which applies pressure to acupoints. Using thumbs, elbows, knuckles etc, points are pressed and held along various qi channels (as related to Traditional Chinese Medicine - qi being the energy in our body) to stimulate deep circulation.

Many people find it a very beneficial massage style, as it focuses on specific points or areas that are painful, stiff, or tender, releasing them and freeing up movement and pain. Shiatsu diagnosis also takes into account psychological and emotional imbalances, and uses TCM knowledge to balance these imbalances through physically unblocking tissues which may be 'holding' these states.

Clients may sometimes experience a catharsis if they have been holding an emotional or psychological issue for a long time, which may in turn, allow them to move on from the original trigger.

Shiatsu is excellent for anyone who wishes to have a clothed massage, as it is practised without the use of oil.

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Everyone welcome! No experience required. Solo guests welcome as well as couples/friends.

About Matt and Monica

Monica Gallacher has 17 years of clinical experience in remedial massage and related modalities. She gained her qualifications in Canberra, ACT and moved to sunny Tomakin, NSW, to set up her beach-side practice. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the massage industry means your treatment will be unique to your needs, professional, and beneficial in aiding relief from muscular and soft tissue ailments.

About Matthew Robertson - Remedial Massage Therapist

Matt is an accredited instructor and Nidan (second level black belt) in Aikido (Kenkyukai, Moruya NSW) and Jujutsu (International Jujutsu Institute, Moruya, NSW) (Japanese martial arts). Matt enjoys daily yoga practice, gardening, cycling, bushwalking and listening to science and skeptical podcasts.


Monica is absolutely wonderful! I've booked into see her numerous times over the last couple of months as she is very good at what she does! She is a very professional, wonderful masseuse with an extraordinary technique which finds all of those spots that make you tight and stressed and she leaves you utterly relaxed! Not only is she great at what she does, she is available after work times, weekends and public holidays, plus it is so easy to book in online! I can't recommend her enough!

Laura Eva-Marie Hawkins, Tomakin, NSW

I injured my back as I was loading the car for our family trip from Melbourne to the South Coast and spent the next 2 days in what could be described as agony (or at least extreme discomfort). It was looking like being a very ordinary 2 weeks holiday for me and for my wife and kids who would have to put up with me being as incapacitated and grumpy as I have ever been.

We found Monica online and she was able to book me in shortly after I arrived in Mossy Point at around 6pm on a Saturday - the first miracle! By the following morning I was about 75% better than I had been prior to the massage and I was in a totally different state of mind and our holiday was back on track. I saw Monica again a few days later for another massage and by the following day I was pretty much perfect. I had one last massage towards the end of our stay and, as my back was fixed, I had the luxury of a relaxation rather than a remedial massage. I can honestly say that during that I went to a new level of relaxation that I've never had with any other therapist, possibly the first time I have ever truly had nothing running through my mind - it was bliss.

Monica, thank you for rescuing my holiday! I can't recommend you highly enough and if I was lucky enough to live on the South Coast I would be a super-regular client.

Sean Dunphy, Elsternwick VIC

The massage I had from Monty is the best of I've ever had. More than just a good massage that helped my body to feel better, the experience with her is amazing. The one hour I spend with Monty was so relaxing, I feel pressures were gone from both my body and my mind. I see my time of having massage with her as an escape from busy life and an approach to my heart and soul.

Angela Li, Box Hill, VIC

Monty is the best massage therapist I've used. After a remedial massage I've always felt a 100% better than when I've gone in.

Byron McColl, Canberra, ACT

We had a week in Tomakin in late January and I arrived with a back that you wouldn't give to your worst enemy. Found Monica's number, made an appointment and I can honestly say that in the 15 years of back treatment I've endured from various osteos and physios, I've never had better. She found spots I didn't even know were sore. An amazing experience in a most serene, relaxing environment, just 100m from the beach. If you are anywhere near there for any length of time, go and see Monica. Outstanding. I wish I lived closer.

Kevin Woolfe, Lilyfield, NSW

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