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Body Shift with Sound // Connie & Peter

With Peter Bajic and Connie Leimbach. Tickets $45.

A guided workshop exploring, connecting, and listening to what your body is saying. Long held emotional patterns of stress and trauma can be stored in different areas of the body, and you will gain an understanding as to why certain areas of the body can be resistant to healing.

This will be a beautiful, gentle approach using rhythm and movement to tap into your body’s innate wisdom and how it responds to emotions in the physical. Sensing where we hold on to our emotions and where this presents as tension in the body.

Through the practice of movement and sound we can shift and release the energy held deep within the body, creating vitality and clarity, freeing blocked energy and bringing the body and mind into coherence.

You will leave feeling lighter in body and spirit, with knowledge and understanding of how the emotional stress and strain of our life can present itself in our physical body.


  • Energy clearing (smudging) to bring you into the space

  • Chakra and breath (pranayama) meditation with chimes

  • Discussion on the energetic body and how emotions are stored

  • Gentle limbering with body narrative led by the drum

  • Blindfolded exploration of your physical body through movement and live rhythms

  • Relaxing sound bath

  • Tea & sharing

Instruments you will experience will be medicine drum, African drum, didgeridoo, rattles, shakers, chimes, Shruti box, Native American flutes and crystal bowls.

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