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Kids Yoga ages 5 - 9 at Soul Tribe North

A fun kids yoga class for children 5 - 9 yrs old, led by Sharni Spears at Soul Tribe North, 1/3 North St, Batemans Bay. Commences Monday 2nd September.

Cost - $15 per child, per session. Bookings encouraged via MINDBODY app

Class will run in school term. All enquiries call Clare 0447617619 or email


Yoga is a fun way for children to develop a variety of important skills in a nurturing, non-competitive environment.

From a young age, children begin to experience pressure to perform academically and socially.

It is easy for children to become overly self-critical, and lose confidence in themselves. During this time, yoga can be a great remedy for the tension associated with daily stressors as well as an important facilitator of healthy physical, emotional and cognitive development.

During a children’s yoga class there is a complete absence of judgment and competition; doing a pose ‘perfectly’ or better than another is not the aim of yoga. This unconditional positive regard and encouragement create a nourishing environment, allowing children to relax and have fun whilst developing strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance, as well as increasing body awareness.

Sharni Spears is a qualified Rainbow Kids Yoga instructor who strives to maintain a balance between spontaneity and structure so that children participating in the classes learn to listen to themselves and each other while being able to express themselves creatively. The incorporation of stories, songs, games, and poses creates a multi-sensory environment, where children develop through kinesthetic, visual, and aural learning.

In the class, children are not isolated to their own yoga mats; partner and group pose, cooperative games, self-expression, and creativity are the norm in a children’s yoga class. Developing social skills is a critical component of self-development and is central to the Rainbow Kids Yoga philosophy.

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