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Immersion into Joy

Immersion into Joy with Lana and Sofia. Saturday 19th October 1pm - 6pm


"Find out where joy resides and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all." Robert Louis Stevenson

Joy is a natural, default human setting. Children are easily open and expressive of it in any given moment, but as adults we tend to hold back, resist, or forget how to access our playful, light and uninhibited state. So what are we resisting, not aligned with or accepting in the here-and-now that is blocking joy?

Join Sofia Andersson and Lana Clementson for this complete and transformative journey into our inner selves. Using Yoga techniques and philosophy we'll aim to locate, release and revel in our innate joyful states. Practice gratitude, acceptance, freedom, movement, laughter, and the generous spreading of good vibes!

Set over 5 hours this workshop includes:

- Yoga Philosophy and opportunity for increased self awareness

- Pranayama to increase clarity and vitality
- Challenging and revealing Vinyasa flow

- Compassionate and nurturing Yin Yoga

- Soul igniting Live Music

- Heart warming guided gratitude practice
- Luxurious Yoga Nidra

- Metta Bahavana (loving Kindness meditation)

- Plus a few extra surprises to be revealed on the day!

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