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Yin & Sound Healing with Clare & Karina

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** For bookings please email or book in the studio with Clare. Cost is $65 via cash or bank transfer. Call Clare 0447617619 for more info**

A magical soul healing experience with Clare Lovelace & Karina Pupo. This is a sacred workshop designed to align and heal your connection with yourself, mother nature, universal consciousness and your own soul purpose. This journey includes yin yoga, aromatherapy, and sound healing. This workshop is for the sole (soul) purpose of healing and you will be sure to experience a divine energetic shift.


This Yin Yoga practice will be lead by Clare. It is a soft, receptive and mindful practice designed to release long-held tension and stimulate the flow of energy through all areas and tissues. The passive nature of the practice also provides a wonderful opportunity for us to practice mindfulness and work with the breath – the bridge between body and mind.


Sound healing embodies the vibrations of Himalayan spiritual sound healing bowls. Vibrations facilitate
shift in our brainwave state to heighten positive vibrational energy. Karina will use crystal bowls and chimes as well as her powerful, melodic voice to evoke healing to help shift stuck energy, enhance and support mediation, relaxation, stress relief, wellbeing and restoring chakra balance. 

Warning - side effects may include: a feeling of calm in the mind, a feeling of peace in the heart and a feeling of divine connection to all that is.

Later Event: December 7
Summer Solstice Yoga + Live Beats