Our classes explained

all classes have been designed to suit all levels, from an absolute beginner to experienced yogi. feel free to come to any class, no matter your fitness level, there are always modifications for each pose. the only requirement is you have a body.


Vinyasa flow is called ‘flow’ because of the smooth transitions within a sequence of poses. Our flow classes often start with breathwork, mindfulness/meditation, warm ups and then move into a string of poses in a sequence, before winding down in mindfulness/meditation. Movement is synchronised to a breath. Our flow classes are accessible to beginners and advanced students, offering variations for each pose.


Hatha yoga has a slower pace than Vinyasa Flow, although encompasses the same asanas (poses). Poses are held for several breaths in Hatha, and include both yin and yang poses. Our Hatha classes also start with mindfulness/meditation, breathwork and warm up, before moving into stronger asanas, and then finishing with mindfulness/relaxation. Hatha is a great place to start for beginners wanting to learn asanas and alignment, and is also great for advanced students wanting to deepen their practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet, receptive practice designed to bring fluidity and flexibility to the physical body, a sense of calm, kindness and resilience to the mental and emotional body and increased awareness and health for the energetic body. In our Yin classes usually consists of long held passive floor poses, usually held for around 5 minutes. Most of the poses work the lower body, including hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine, in an attempt to target the deep connective tissue. Yin is accessible to every student, and benefits those with tight muscles most.

Qi Gong

Qigong is the ancient Chinese system of gentle breathing, stretching, and strengthening movements. The 8 piece of brocades is one of the most popular qigong healing exercise sets, used to improve overall health and well being. Learn how to activate qi energy and blood circulation in your body, helping to stimulate the immune system, strengthen the internal organs, and give you abundant energy.

Restorative yoga is a gentle class with the aid of props- blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps. The temperature in the room is cooler, so dress warm and comfortable. This practice is great for anyone looking to slow down, to relieve stress, to calm the excessive mind chatter, or even those recovering from injuries. Restorative is beneficial for insomnia and promoting deep sleep. Fully supported by props, we allow our mind to let go of tension, which releases negative thought patterns and stiffness in the body. Come nourish yourself with this deep restorative practice.

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga

A very gentle class to restore the body and relax the mind. Suitable for all levels, especially tailored for those with very limited mobility, disability, injuries etc. Perfect for senior students or anyone looking for a very gentle, nurturing practice.

Yoga for Men

Yoga for men is facilitated by Narelle and is a mix of vinyasa flow and hatha and based on the goals of the men coming to class. The main goals are to improve mobility, flexibility, strength, fitness, whilst bringing in breath awareness and connecting movement to breath. This is a fun class and is accessible to men of all fitness levels. Please note, this is a mens only class but we encourage Men to come to ALL of our classes. In every class there is a mix of male and female.

Challenge your body, build strength & flexibility whilst maintaining an attitude peaceful focus.These classes will give you a steady and thorough introduction to the foundations of Ashtanga Yoga. You will build strength, flexibility and focus by connecting breath and movement in a sequence of postures (asanas) from the Primary Series.The practice focuses on the key elements of Ujjayi Breath, Badhas (spinal locks) and Drishti (gaze) to add a subtle yet powerful level to your practice. Suitable for all levels as we offer a wide range of alternatives and modifications, however be prepared to move out of your comfort zone and into the space where the magic happens.

One to One Yoga Sessions with Clare

What you gain from 1 hour in a one to one session with an experienced teacher can take you weeks and months to learn in a group class. If you’re injured or have a history of injuries or are struggling with a specific part of your body this becomes even more applicable.Every single body is completely different so it makes sense that every single yoga practice should be tailored to the individual. Instead of forcing your body to fit the class, we look at modifying the yoga to where you are right now. These sessions are not just for body but also for supporting mind, so that we can better learn to live in our bodies with a more present mindset.

1 x 1 hour Session = $100

3 x 1 hour session = $220

To book contact Clare 0447617619 hello@clarelovelace.com - Sessions can be arranged at anytime to suit your schedule